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Dear Ceo And Board Of Trustees Essay - 1289 Words

CEO Paper Karen Cyphers Organizational Leadership Professor Poore November 19, 2016 CEO Paper November 23, 2016 Dear CEO and Board of Trustees Introduction As you are aware, on April 20, 2010, explosions occurred in the Gulf of Mexico sinking the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and tragically killed 11 people This oil spill is now considered the worst oil spill in United States history. During the search and rescue, an underwater camera was discovered which revealed a leak in the BP pipeline. Because the well is located approximately 5,000 feet beneath the deep, dark sea with temperatures just above freezing and extremely high pressure, it made it almost impossible to repair the leak. It wasn’t until July 15, 2010, that divers were able to cap the well, however, by this time approximately 3 million barrels of gas and oil had already leaked into the Gulf. The oil that has escaped the well has now spread throughout the ocean and some have floated to the top forming oil slicks on the surface which are being pushed by the wind and spreading rapidly damaging deep sea corals and other ecosystems. In order to contain the spill and begin to clean up, BP must quickly devise a plan of action to prevent further damage, destruction and loss of marine life. I have been obtained as a consultant by BP global to advise the CEO of BP during the oil spill disaster. This letter contains recommendations outlining the optimal leadership approach which will be most effective in the handlingShow MoreRelatedThe Midwestern Comtemporary Art Museum4232 Words   |  17 Pagesits doors to Great Lakes in 1967. The MCA bought its first building, a three story townhouse, in 1977. In January of 1989, the MCA board hired Keith Schmidt as executive director. In April of 1989, a man with the name of Peter Smith began his chairmanship at MCA, after already being on the board since 1981. Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt often had intense debates at board meetings. Most of their arguments had to deal with the speed of MCA’s expansion, which was pushed by Schmidt. Smith had a more conservativeRead MoreMis3057466 Words   |  30 Pages Sec: 01 Letter of Transmittal August10, 2010   Md. Nazrul Islam Professor Department Of Business Administration East West University   Subject: Submission of term paper. Dear Sir, With due respect it is our pleasure to present the term paper on how Eastern Bank does Planning and Organizing. While preparing the report we have tried our level best to focus closely on the topic and try to focus most complete and updated informationRead MoreCost of Poor Quality in Banking3462 Words   |  14 PagesIndustrial research report COST OF POOR QUALITY SUBMITED TO: MR. AZHAR NISAR LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Mr. At Gulistan-e-Johur Karachi. RESEARCH VISIT BY STUDENTS Dear Sir, Assalam o alikum Bahria University is federally accredited University based at Islamabad with its campus at Karachi. University is educating is students in the fields the of management science, computer, Engineering, Medical and Dental Surgery. Management science students are guided to carry out subjectRead MoreAssistant6067 Words   |  25 Pagesunique, strategic advantage is possible. Beyond his â€Å"vanishing advantage of IT†, Carr highlights what he calls the â€Å"growing commoditization of IT†, and the need for companies to â€Å"move from offense to defense in their use of IT†. Hmmmm! You may think, dear readers, that this is all just so much hokum. Who in their right mind would believe such things? We all know better – of course! But let’s look at Carr’s position from the â€Å"other side†. Remember, we all learned long ago that perception is reality.Read MoreAnz Bank142091 Words   |  569 Pagessettings that are too conservative and it is not in Australia’s best interests for the financial system to become globally uncompetitive. Board Changes Two long standing directors David Meiklejohn and Greg Clark retired at the Annual General Meeting in December 2013 as part of a succession plan that previously saw Paula Dwyer and Graeme Liebelt join the board. Both David and Greg gave significant service to ANZ over many years and I thank them for their contribution. Corporate Sustainability Read MorePwc Case Study23281 Words   |  94 PagesInvestigation into foreign exchange losses at the National Australia Bank 12 March 2004 Mr David Krasnostein Chief Legal Counsel National Australia Bank Limited Level 24 500 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000 12 March 2004 Dear Mr Krasnostein Report on investigation into foreign currency losses Please find attached PwC’s report resulting from our investigation into foreign exchange losses at the National Australia Bank. Your faithfully PricewaterhouseCoopers Craig D Hamer Partner P G RivettRead MoreGsk Annual Report 2010135604 Words   |  543 Pagesintellectual property Regulation Manufacturing and supply World market GSK sales performance Segment reviews Responsible business Financial review 2010 Financial position and resources Financial review 2009 Risk factors Governance and remuneration Our Board Our Corporate Executive Team Governance and policy Dialogue with shareholders Internal control framework Committee reports Remuneration policy Director terms and conditions Director and Senior Management remuneration Directors’ interests Directors’Read MoreRetail Banking of Axis Bank15349 Words   |  62 Pages-------------------------------------------------- 11 2. Axis Bank --------------------------------------------------------------- 13 - Company Description ---------------------------------------- 14 - Profile ---------------------------------------------------------- 16 - Board of Directors -------------------------------------------- 18 3. Retail Banking ---------------------------------------------------------- 20 - Introduction --------------------------------------------------- 20 - Segmentation of the saving Bank---------------------------Read MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagesvia the online discussion group/discussion board facility. Assess areas of overlap or disagreement. Identify areas of uncertainty or difficulty for surgery/workshop discussion or for debating via the online discussion board Discuss analysis within study groups. Assign areas for individuals to investigate in greater depth for the group. Identify areas of uncertainty or difficulty for surgery/workshop discussion or for debating via the online discussion board Discuss who is going to make the presentationRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesdirect-toconsumer (DTC) advertising transformed the US marketplace and fuelled rapid growth. However, managed care also changed market dynamics. Companies’ costs for providing drug beneï ¬ ts to employees were increasing by up to 20 per cent annually, causing the CEO of General Motors to declar e that ‘the cost of health care in the U.S. is making American businesses extremely uncompetitive versus our global counterparts’.3 Managed Care Organisations (MCOs) asked consumers for increasing co-pays on branded versus

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