Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Andre Ribeiro Ms. Michael Pre-AP English II 1-15-13 Rough Draft Charles dickens was not only one of England's first great novelists, but also one of the most prevelant, enduring figures in using fiction to effectively communicate his ideas, as well as criticize social and moral ideals throughout the Victorian era. Through "A Christmas Carol", Dickens uses the wealthy, excentric caricature of Ebeneezer Scrooge as well as the symbolic meanings of the three ghosts to convey and portray a sense of pity and uneven distribution of wealth and class during his time. Each groups of symbols and characters play a vital role in Dickens' critique of Victorian society, as well as include solutions for the issues that persisted. In the instance of "A Christmas Carol", Dickens was directly inspired to write a Christmas story highlighting the struggles that the poor faced during the major Depression that occurred during the 1840's, as well as the need for charity from those that were considered 'well-off'. Having suffered continual hardships as a child, Dickens' attitude toward the wealthy was in fact bitter. As a result, his feelings toward the wealthy, represented by Scrooge as a whole group, was one centered around resentment and disregard. The Cratchits, however, portrayed the lives of many impoverished peoples during the era, and described them as being hardworking simpletons with a kind-hearted spirit, regardless of their situation. Tiny Tim was one such example, as he always blessed everyone on multiple occasions, despite his continuing ailments. One key element in Dickens' description and thoughts towards Victorian Society is that of moral standing and the satisfaction and happiness of the very contradicting social cl... .... Equality was not a forefront topic during the time, and Dickens was outspoken and intelligent to the extent of pointing out flaws that many members of the current time never pondered. Social issues tend to become increasingly important as time persists, even more so than economic issues. This account completely disregards the social standings of specific members and focuses more on ones morality. If equality is not reached, and a 'Scrooge-like' transformation does not occur, even in today's society, the social system may collapse upon itself, and an entire "middle class" may be entirely disregarded. A solution is always at arms reach, but it all begins with the individual. Each human being is in its own respect, much like Scrooge. Moral changes are needed, and the decisions one makes today could potentially affect the lives of many for generations to come.

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